2 thoughts on “Busy in Conference (E67) [Booklet – not found]

  1. Welcome back!

    I vaguely remember that “conference” essay from one of the early book collections. Maybe I’ve got it confused with a different essay. When I first saw the Rea Irvin illustration in the link you provided, I though it was Gluyas Williams.

    Here are two Benchley-related things I’m currently curious about:

    1) “Your Technocracy And Mine” – I thought this film was lost forever, but I recently learned it was found and screened at some revival houses. I wonder if it’ll ever show up online. I’d love to see it, but I’ve moved too far away from NYC.

    2) “Boogie Woogie” – Another film I thought was lost. I can’t find much information on it. Full color, not a short, script by Benchley… why hasn’t it been included in any DVD collections?


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